Several Preliminary Questions to Pass your ITIL Test

Which topics should you prepare?

The ITIL Test generally comprise a multiple-choice questionnaire that is based on the framework basics, such as its meaning. You will therefore be asked to define the acronym ITIL and to present it in several words. They might also ask you to cite the types of companies and organisations for which the framework ITIL is valuable. They could also ask you to cite the domains the Itil is generally used for, to define the IT services and the several processes comprised in ITIL.

itil test

The questions they might ask during the examination can be based on the ITIL certifications and on their various versions. They might also ask you if ITIL addresses some questions of information security and what the differences between the various versions of ITIL are. Let’s also remind that information system managers mostly use ITIL. As a result, the questions can focus on the various processes implemented by the managers themselves.

Which questions do they generally ask during the ITIL examination?

Among the following denominations, which one is the most frequent organisation that manages the information technology development and usage?

  • The research informatics manager
  • The IT system department
  • The IT production department
  • The IT services department

The formula “best practice” characterizes a practice:

  • That is well-known and successful
  • Providing a profitable experience to subsequently be employed
  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Innovative

The structure of the IT enterprise starting from the company’s strategy is structured in the following order:

  • Urbanisation – Governance – Technology
  • Urbanisation – Technology - Governance
  • Governance – Urbanisation - Technology
  • Urbanisation – Governance - Technology

The anagram 4P means:

  • Person – Process – Production - Product
  • Person – Procedure – Production - Product
  • Person – Process – Production - Pilot
  • Person – Procedure – Production - Pilot

Supervising a service means that someone has to be able to:

  • Provide a real-time monitoring regarding the quality of service
  • Characterize the performances of a service within a given period
  • Evaluate the quality of service provided to a new department before putting that very service into practice
  • All the three answers

The capacity services are defined as the ability to:

  • Work in the long-term
  • Perfectly function in determined conditions
  • Respond to demands in determined conditions
  • Reach a high level of performance

A provided service which does not provide all the resources is said to be:

  • Nominal
  • Degraded
  • Contractual
  • Partial

What is the main goal of the requests management?

  • Being in charge of the users’ requests regarding the service
  • Ensuring that all the requests linked to the IT organisation are answered
  • Managing the change requests
  • Providing performance for all the levels of service

Among the following propositions, which one does not represent a goal regarding the exploitation in service development?

  • Ensuring that the provided services correspond to specific needs
  • Delivering and supporting the IT services
  • Managing the used technology in order to provide services
  • Monitoring the digital performance and providing performance measurement

What is the goal of the audits and configuration management?

  • Managing a company’s financial audits
  • Providing a logic model of the IT infrastructure, the relationships between the IT services and the various components necessary to provide the services
  • Establishing the service model in order to legitimize the implementation of ITIL
  • Installing ITIL within the organisation

What does the V-model represent?

  • A strategy to pass all the projects of the service management
  • The path to follow in order to provide and support the services in order to use the effective resources
  • The levels of configuration to cultivate a service attitude
  • The trade perspective as it is perceived by the client and the service users


This article gives an idea of the types of questions that will be asked during the ITIL examination.


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