5 Reasons Why People Fail The PRINCE2 Examination

Contemplating whether to take one of the PRINCE2 examinations? To prepare well you should take mock exams first to familiarize yourself with the examination conditions. To avoid failing the exam, you must revise the methodological basics. And, whatever you do, do not forget to take the following pieces of advice into account to increase your chances of passing the examination.

why people fail PRINCE2 exam

1. Too Much Stress

Stress triggers the necessary concentration to pass exams, but too much stress can have the opposite effect, making it counterproductive. An anonymous student shared her anxieties with us about her imminent exams. A fear which seemed to be unjustified seen as she displayed an impressive mastering of the exam topics. Many students often find themselves in the same situation, especially when the exam is an internal exam where employees are afraid to be the only one who fails. To avoid such debasing situations, we advise students to share their anxiety and fear of failure with their mentors from the start. Sharing your anxiety and questions in a group can be of great benefit. Discussing fears often helps individuals to come to terms with what deters them. A confrontation which likely results in overcoming those same inhibiting fears.

2. Bad Time Management

If we take the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, it has to be completed within a limited time frame. The exam participant is allowed 2 hours and 30 minutes during which a scenario must be read comprehensively and after which 68 questions should be answered. Thus, one of the most crucial competencies is the ability to manage time properly to avoid a hurried reading of the scenario and sketchy answering of the questions. A fair distribution of time into two equal parts is the first important thing to do. A detailed reading of the entire scenario follows, rereading it a second time if needed, annotating the most important sections in the process. After structuring the scenario, it will be more legible and easily understandable.

We encourage all aspiring participants to take part in mock exams subject to similar time conditions. This will not only identify the knowledge areas that need improvement but will also allow you to get accustomed to the mandatory time frame.

3. Not getting prepared

Some people think that they do not have to prepare themselves. This is completely absurd! The PRINCE2 examinations require a good preparation using summaries and applying continuous revisions tactics.

For those who failed the examination, think about re-taking it as quickly as possible and to get prepared. It is easier to re-take an exam when you still remember its content. Thus, do not wait more than several days before subscribing to the exam after you've failed the first time.

4. Not having a strategy

Several participants fail their examination and are discouraged because they did not have a specific training. To avoid failing several times, they should rethink their main strategy to find alternative solutions. Asking for a professional’s help can represent the first step towards success, as the aspiring participant will be professionally guided when revising the methodological basics but also aids a broader understanding of the methodology.

5. Unaware of the examination's how, where and when

This can potentially be a main source of failure. Hence the importance of informing yourself regarding the examination method to decrease one’s anxiety as the examination approaches. Inquire about the procedure, the exam location but also the duration of the examination to eliminate every source of possible pressure.

Take Away

This article provided some pieces of information as well as tips that will enable you to pass the PRINCE2 examination.

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