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Duration : 2 DAYS (14 HOURS) + exam
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Agile PM® Foundation

Agile Project Management Foundation

“Learn how to flex and deliver projects rapidly to meet your customers needs.”

Improve your management skills by applying the AgilePM principles, that will enable you to deliver your projects in a quicker, cost-effective and low risk manner.

During our unique 2-day training programme, we will take you through the 8 Agile principles. You will learn the basics of AgilePM, become familiar with the terminology and understand the key principles and critical success factors of Agile projects. You will understand the background of agile in project management and the differences compared to traditional or alternative approaches. You will also learn to practically apply these processes and techniques and become qualified at Foundation level.

You will take the Agile PM Foundation exam at a time & date of your choice, as you will receive a voucher to take your exam online.

This 2-day AgilePM Foundation course covers the entire methodology. If you wish to continue your journey and take your Agile PM Practitioner exam, you can register for the AgilePM Practitioner Exam Prep & Exam.

Available Sessions

# Register Duration Training Dates Language Location Price
1 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 20-21/01/2020 NL Brussels €1.150
2 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 5-6/02/2020 EN Brussels €1.150
3 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 24-25/02/2020 FR Luxembourg €1.150
4 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 23-24/03/2020 FR Brussels €1.150
5 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 27-28/04/2020 EN Luxembourg €1.150
6 Add to cart 2 Days AgilePM Foundation 29-30/06/2020 FR Luxembourg €1.150

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