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Flanders: KMO-portefeuille

Kmo-portefeuille applies to all our training programs. Small enterprises receive 30% aid, a medium-sized enterprise 20%. The maximum aid per year is 7,500 euros. The kmo-portefeuille also covers in-company training.

For more information :


 Please create your personal account at www.vlaio.be as soon as possible.

 Our B2B Learning accreditation number is : DV.O206826

Wallonia: Chèques-formation

If your company is located in the Walloon region, you can get a financial support of 15€ per course hour and per delegate.

Go to Sodexo and discover how these chèques-formation work.

Brussels Capital Region: training and consultancy support

If you are independent or have a small or medium-sized enterprise located in one of the 19 boroughs in Brussels, you can benefit from support measures put in place by the Brussels-Capital Region. You can receive a 50% of subsidy for the cost of the training or when you need to rely on a consultant.

Go to  Bruxelles Economie et Emploi and discover how you can get their financial support.

ALIMENTO formerly IPV-IFP-Financial support for the food industry

Belgian companies active within the food industry can rely on a financial support for training and consultancy from the IFP. Discover how it works on www.alimento.be.


co-valentCo-Valent offers financial support to workers (CP 116) and employees (CP 207) of the chemical sector, manufacturers in plastics and (pharma) sciences.

For more information www.co-valent.be.