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Sparked by technology and fueled by cultural change, DevOps is becoming more and more adopted within IT. Discover our DevOps courses, certifications and serious games.

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DevOps Training Calendar

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# Register Duration Training Dates Language Location Individual Price
1 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals 21-22-23/06/2021 EN Brussels €1.850
2 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals | Virtual class 21-22-23/06/2021 EN Anywhere €1.850
3 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals 29-30/09-01/10/2021 EN Brussels €1.850
4 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals | Virtual class 29-30/09-01/10/2021 EN Anywhere €1.850
5 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals 3-4-5/11/2021 FR Brussels €1.850
6 Add to cart 3 Days DASA DevOps Fundamentals | Virtual class 3-4-5/11/2021 FR Anywhere €1.850

Adopting DevOps Practices

“Devops is a cultural and operational model that encourages collaboration to enable high-performance IT to achieve business goals.”

The term DevOps stands for a set of modern IT practices which purpose is to create a synergy between software developers and operations staff to work in a more collaborative manner. By tearing down barriers between business and IT and adopting the DevOps philosophy, organizations can transform their business and IT services into a new operating model to provide more value faster to the business, consumer and user. Enterprise-wide DevOps stands for rethinking traditional IT practices and capabilities, including a product, process, and people perspective. DevOps is the ultimate search for flow in the delivery of IT services.

Key DevOps Principles

What is essential when adopting or migrating to a DevOps way of working ?

  1. Customer-centric action | courage to act, innovate
  2. Create with the complete picture in mind | product & service thinking, engineering mindset, collaborate
  3. End-to-End responsibility | live your accountability, concept to grave, performance support
  4. Cross-functional autonomous teams | T-shaped profiles, complementary skills
  5. Continuous improvement | if it hurts, do it more often, experiment fail fast
  6. Automate everything you can | enhance quality, maximize flow

The DASA Competence Model

Helping organizations assess their current DevOps competency gap
The transition to DevOps goes hand in hand with a redesign in IT roles and responsibilities. Many traditional IT functions will soon be deprecated as we move towards DevOps teams in which team members become more all-around professionals with engineering skills, soft skills and a prime focus on all the DevOps principles The key to working in this new environment is to recognize that there is a skills and knowledge set that needs to be present in every DevOps team.

Discover the DASA Competence Model that identifies 8 knowledge areas and 4 skills areas that are relevant in DevOps.

Do you and your team have the skills and knowledge needed for your IT Transformational Journey?

B2B Learning choose DASA, the DevOps Agile Skills Association for its DevOps training and certification.

This association is an open, global initiative to develop standards for DevOps competencies that will benefit
the individual, team, and organization. DASA has developed a knowledge and skills framework for DevOps based on the set mentioned above of principles for DevOps.

B2B Learning offers DASA DevOps Fundamentals training in English, French and Dutch in Belgium and Luxembourg or incompany.

We also provide the DASA DevOps professional and Product Owner modules on demand, to continue your DevOps training journey after the fundamentals course.

And if you prefer learning by playing or put your new skills into practice, we can organize the serious game "The Phoenix Project" for your teams.

DASA DevOps Qualification Scheme