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Our 2-day PeopleCert DevOps Leadership course covers advanced skills, practices and knowledge about DevOps.

  • Learn how to lead your organization through a DevOps transformation
  • Discover the major challenges that organizations face in aligning business objectives and values
  • Understand how to establish a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams

The PeopleCert DevOps Leadership online proctored exam voucher, and the Take2 option, are included in the course fee.

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Course & Learning Objectives

During the Leadership level course, you will be introduced to concepts, terms, principles and tools used by DevOps Leadership to clarify, plan and approach a DevOps Transformation, validate and sustain a DevOps transformation. Discover why DevOps Leadership is essential to modern enterprises, and how it can be aligned to value delivery.

During this course, participants will learn about the:

  • Characteristics of an effective leader and the different types of leadership
  • DevOps Full Stack approach can be engaged and implemented within the organization
  • Capabilities and role of each tool in the DevOps toolchain
  • Key attributes of a continual improvement mindset
  • Scrum methodology, people and culture implications as well as the practices, processes, automation and technology used for adapting DevOps within an organization

You will also be prepared, through sample exam papers, to prepare for the PeopleCert DevOps Leadership

Course Outline

  • Introduction: what is DevOps Leadership?
    • What is leadership?
    • What is leadership for DevOps?
    • Leading the organization through transformation
  • Module 1 - Claryfying & aligning the DevOps transformation to value delivery
    • Establishing the urgency for DevOps
    • Claryfying and aligning business objectives
  • Module 2: planning and approaching the DevOps transformation
    • Creating a vision and strategy for the transformation
    • Identifying and influencing the vital stakeholders
  • Module 3: Engaging & implementing DevOps full stack
    • Leading a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams
    • Gathering, broadcasting and implementing feedback
  • Module 3: Engaging & implementing DevOps full stack - continued
    • Enabling flow across the value stream
    • Accelerating learning and experimentation with Agile
    • Implementing a deployment pipeline and DevOps toolchain
  • Module 4: Validating results & sustaining the DevOps transformation
    • Leading a culture of continual improvement
    • Leading for innovation
    • Scaling improvement and learning

Who should attend ?

The Leadership level of the PeopleCert DevOps qualifications scheme is aimed at anyone who is managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps practices. If you’re looking for a starterlevel certification, you can attend our PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals training.

PeopleCert DevOps Qualifications are designed for professionals leading or aspiring to lead software and applications development, IT department, as well as business analysts, project and product managers, and anyone aspiring to gain knowledge of advanced DevOps principles and practices.


To attend this course, participants need to have a foundation-level certificate in DevOps.

  • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals Certificate
  • Other DevOps Foundation or Fundamentals Certificate

About the Examination

The PeopleCert DevOps Leadership certification exam is designed to validate a candidate’s knowledge, and understanding, of DevOps leadership principles, as detailed above as well as how to be able to apply and analyze this knowledge in real situations assisting DevOps transformation within a modern enterprise.

The Leadership exam focuses on the following four (4) categories in the cognitive domain of Bloom’s taxonomy which is a reference for different levels of learning: knowledge – comprehension – application – analysis.

Exam duration: 60 minutes + 15 minutes for non-native English speakers
Pass mark: 70 %
Languages: the exam is available in English, French and German

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Categorie Agile, Scrum & Devops
Certificatie DevOps
Niveau Advanced
Duurtijd 3-Daagse opleiding
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