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PRINCE2 Agile: The best of both methodologies

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management


PRINCE2 Agile has been designed to meet the growing demand from the project management world: bringing together two different but yet complementary project management methods.
Most PRINCE2 users do not have sufficient knowledge of Agile techniques to adopt the Agile methods. Likewise, many Agile practitioners do not understand the flexibility PRINCE2 provides. PRINCE2 practitioners may consider...


5 Reasons Why People Fail The PRINCE2 Examination

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

Contemplating whether to take one of the PRINCE2 examinations? Afraid to fail the examination? To prepare well you should take mock exams first to familiarize yourself with the examination conditions. To avoid failing the exam, you must revise the methodological basics. And, whatever you do, do not forget to take the following pieces of advice into account to increase your chances of passing the examination.

How to earn PDU’s to maintain your PMP credentials?

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

Maintaining PMP credentials is not as arduous as many believe. All it takes is adequate planning. Your so-called re-certification should be treated as you would systematically structure a project. This is simple. Just follow the same processes – Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control before Closing.

MSP - A Method created for Programme Managers

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

Throughout the constant and increasing change in today’s business environment and market conditions, leading a programme management involves a complex strategic planning for organisations to avoid falling into a stagnating /surviving position.

To implement changes within organizations, Management Successful Programmes (MSP) is the best transformational practice to coordinate the creation of the projects portfolio.

Used and adopted by all sizes and...

The 11 Golden Laws of Project Management

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

Have you always asked yourself how managers and leaders successfully manage their projects? In order to ensure the best continuity of a project, it is fundamental to follow several basic rules. All professionals indeed agree to say that there are several specific steps to implement, such as the resource optimisation, promoting performance, collaborating, etc. Project Management, therefore, comprises several immutable rules,...

3 Mistakes that will considerably impact on your project budget

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

When you decide to start a new project, it is important to reflect on all of its organizational aspects, and especially on the financial ones. In most of the cases, the risks of failure are usually correlated with an ineffective management of your project budget. This article therefore provides an introduction to the most basic mistakes that usually disrupt the management of your project budget. It is thus important not to commit these...

How project managers make the best of their team without going too far

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

It is not always easy to supervise one’s collaborators. If you are a project manager, you may know that relationships among team members are not always perfect. You might also know that in order to reach a consensus, one needs a real talent. Several pieces of advice can be given to enhance a team’s confidence as well as to establish a more relaxed atmosphere inside a group in order to make the best of collaborators.

6 Tips to Help Project Managers Hit Their Deadlines

| Posted by: b2b | Category: Project & Programme Management

You might not be aware of it but failing to meet the deadlines as to the realization of a project is one of the major reasons for client dissatisfaction. A company willing to improve its performance and boost its productivity therefore needs to improve its time management skills. As a result, we have put forward 6 tips in order to help you manage and meet your deadlines.