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ITIL Training - Ingrid Vael's story - Charleroi Grand Hospital (GHdC)

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

We met Ingrid Vael, responsible for the IT Development and Level 2 Service Centre of the Charleroi Grand Hospital (GHdC) to find out what drove her to follow the ITIL-trainings organised by B2B Learning and what this has brought her. Here follows the account of this conversation.

15 Quotes Every IT Manager Should Pin On His Board

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

Wether you are today in a bad mood or light-hearted humour, each day should begin with a positive quote. Be it serious, profound, funny or gently humorous, it will inspire you all your day long. That's why we listed below 15 quotes every IT Manager should read carefully, should he wish to start his day off on the right foot:

Defining the Cobit 5 principles

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

New user demands, industry-specific regulations and risk scenarios emerge every day. Maximizing the value of intellectual property, managing risk and security and assuring compliance through effective ICT governance and management has never been more important. The purpose of COBIT 5 is to provide management and business process owners with an ICT governance model that helps them deliver added ICT value. Understanding and managing the risks associated with ICT is an integral...

Everything You Should Know about DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association)

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

"DevOps is one of the most important areas which has an impact on the way a company is structured and organised surrounding the development and operations processes within the company." - Sjon Post, Programme Manager

Digital transformation is constantly changing the face of our world, as the latter is becoming more and more interconnected and automated day after day. Delivering strong IT performances has thus become a huge competitive...

What is an ITIL Practitioner & Why Should you Care?

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

ITIL practitioner qualification aids organizations, ventures, enterprises and individuals increase the added value they can obtain from an ITIL qualification manifold. ITIL practitioner degrees emphasize theory above all else and offer practical guidance. This practical guidance adopts and adapts the ITIL framework to adequately support businesses on all levels within day-to-day situations and responsibilities. It offers everyday techniques to make a real difference in the...

12 Tips to help IT Managers meet their deadlines

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

Did you know the word “deadline” is originally a boundary around a prison, beyond which a prisoner could be shot by the guards if he crosses the line? Following this very context, would people tend to be more respectful when dealing with deadlines? Most IT managers are concerned with that particular problem, as respecting deadlines represents a high priority in their position. However, IT projects are always delayed by technical problems. So, how...

ITIL or Cobit ? Which training is right for you?

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

You want to better control your information systems and take advantage of your investments in IT? You therefore have to make a choice between the COBIT training (Common Objectives for Business Information Technology) and the ITIL training (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). They are both common frameworks for information systems governance and have undeniable advantages. The question is: which one to choose?

Several Preliminary Questions to Pass your ITIL Test

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

If you want to take the ITIL Test, it is compulsory to get prepared. This series of questions should therefore help you review and supplement your knowledge. As a reminder, the ITIL framework of reference is one of the most used methods in the IT service management domain. It is a framework of reference for both organisations and companies, whether they are in the public or private spheres. The ITIL only has to prove its value.

The 9 IT Managers’ secrets to meet their deadlines

| Posted by: b2b | Category: IT Management & Cyber Security

As IT Manager, you often have to deal with short deadlines when conducting ambitious projects. Managing time and deadlines is not an easy process, as you often lack time to meet the requirements. The same problem holds true for managers who manage a team because they have to make sure that every task is realized in due time.